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A training tool for a global fashion brand

Woolrich is one of the biggest manufacturer of outdoor apparel. We were asked to design a responsive, tablet-first web application to simplify  the training process of of their worldwide network of sales agent.


The client already had a pre-existing visual identity, so we sticked to their guidelines. We designed a few custom icons for the homepage for helping the users to get a quick overview of the different sections.



Our goal was to  offer a premium product, simple yet refined, with a clear visual hierarchy. We identified a few crucial areas:

  • Lookbook
  • Products Information
  • Video Materials
  • Marketing Guidelines

We opted for a friendly yet premium e-commerce-look to help users to feel at ease with the new tool. Different products and information are displayed to the users acording to their role (Agent, Guest, …), language and country.


We focused on ease of use and simplicity. This is what we have done to ensure the best experience:

  • User flows for different parts of the service
  • Wireframes an interactive prototypes
  • Usability tests for the front-end and back-office


UI / UX / Art Direction

Michele De Battista


Woolrich EU



We design products, Websites and experiences since 2007. We have worked for startups and brands such as Moleskine, HBO, Apple, Lucas Films, Disney, Evernote, LEGO, Lufthansa, Nespresso...

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