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Anaxago: Redesigning a crowdfunding plaform

Anaxago is one of the leading crowdfunding platform in France. Founded in 2012, It has over 70.000 investors, and it has raised over 50 millions euros. Branding guidelines existed, but no structured user experience was present. By the beginning of 2016 the website had aged poorly, so a redesign was a due, to better serve the growing user base and reflect his position as a market leader.


A few goals were set to inform the design process :

  • Increase re-investment rate
  • Simplify the onboarding process
  • Consolidate position as  mature market leader
  • Move away from crowdfunding stereotypes


We’ve first defined a few use cases…

…then created a few Personas analysing informations collected during interviews with users and stakeholders, google analytics data and the existing users’ database.

A simplified user flow was outlined accounting for the most important steps of the investment process. Specific CTAs and reminders will allow  the user to clearly identify the next step.


The goal was to  offer a premium product, simple yet refined, with a clear visual hierarchy and very different from the competition. We identified a few crucial areas:

  • homepage
  • the project portfolio
  • the project page itself
  • the user account
  • the checkout

Anaxago already had a pre-existing visual identity, so we’ve started building with the existing block: colours and typefaces. The homepage aims at offering a quick overview of the current offer, while reassuring the potential client that albeit young, Anaxago is a market leader.

The project card evolves with the campaign and in the user account, helping the user evaluate his overall portfolio performance with a glance.

Anaxago strength lies in a strict vetting systems, selecting only 3% of the submitted projects for funding. Every project page offers first an overview of the relevant informations above the fold, allowing the user to go in depth if and when needed. Navigation is helped by a sticky sub menu.

All of the website templates were redesigned, including the news and events sections. Events are crucial for Anaxago, so extra care was taken to assure that all the good informations are well understandable.

In order to keep the brand identity as consistent as possIble I’ve created a detailed UI kit, collecting all the visual elements used in the platform. This is just a small selection.


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