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Anaxago: Managing a financial portfolio

Anaxago is one of the leading crowdfunding french platform. Founded in 2012, It has over 70.000 investors, and it has raised over 50 millions euros. Branding guidelines existed, but no structured user experience was present. By the beginning of 2016 the website had aged poorly, so a redesign was a due, to better serve the growing user base and reflect their position as a market leader.


Due to extensive legal requirements, the user has to submit quite a bit of information prior to investing ; to disclose the financial informations related to a project it is mandatory to read and accept the investment assessment form and submit at least an email address. Also, to be allowed to invest, it is necessary to fill a very detailed form (mandatory by law). Extra care was given to the form design given the low completion rate.

  • All the relevant information were grouped in sections.
  • A stepper convey progress through numbered steps.
  • A sidebar explains why the informations are need
  • Custom icons were crafted to increase legibility…and to cheer up the form a bit.
  • The wizard shares the same interface with the user profile

Once the user profile is validate, it is possible to view the full account, access to confidential documents, and eventually invest on a project. The investment process is complex, due to the  the different forms of investment available. We broke it down in a flow in order to understand how to simplify the process and make it as clear as possible. The sketch plugin user flows proved to be invaluable at  this stage.

I’ve also designed an interactive prototype in Principle, to be shared with stakeholders and the front end engineering team.

Once invested, the user can monitor his portfolio performance. He can also :

  • Interact with other investors and entrepreneurs
  • Set and modify his investment preferences
  • Add or modify payment methods​​​​​​​


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