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Localflow, a bot platform empowering local communities

Localflow is a chatbot network dedicated to the local economy: a decentralised, blockchain powered, high-privacy tool for urban traders. Localflow assembles and deploys decentralized chatbots focused on small and medium sized businesses and their supply chains (and  private individuals ) who offer services in their communities. Localflow allows people to discover,contribute and use local information and offers without the need for a centralized intermediary.

Goals and deliverables

We were hired by the founders to help them pitch and prototype a viable solution from scratch. So far, we’ve help them to:
  • Create user flows for some application of the service
  • Manage the designers and illustrators
  • Advise the founders on the product development cycle
  • Research users to provide insight to the collected data
  • Design a pitch deck
  • Develop a brand identity
  • Design and develop a website


Design and direction

Luca De Battista

Design and development

Michele De Battista





We design products, Websites and experiences since 2007. We have worked for startups and brands such as Moleskine, HBO, Apple, Lucas Films, Disney, Evernote, LEGO, Lufthansa, Nespresso...

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