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Fighting food waste, one dish at a time.

In the European union food waste is estimated at some 88 million tonnes in a single year, which equates to 173 kilograms per person. The total amount of food produced in the EU in 2011 was around 865 kg/person. This means that we are wasting 20% of the total food produced. Le Marche d’Arthur proposes a solution to this problem at enterprise level, allowing enterprise’s canteens to not waste the unsold food, selling at a lower price point.

To summarise, Le Marché d’Arthur will allow to :

  • Reduce food waste at entreprise level
  • Allow canteens to monetise unsold food
  • Allow employees to get food at reduced price

Goals and deliverables

We were  hired by the founders to help them pitch and prototype a viable solution from scratch. So far, we’ve help them to:

  • Create user flows for different parts of the service
  • Advise the founders on the product development cycle
  • Estimate the workload (an the cost) of front and back end development
  • Design an interactive prototype to help pitching the project
  • Design a brand identity
  • Design a landing page



Luca De Battista


Le Marchè d'Arthur



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